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The Physician Office System Program website, provides information regarding electronic medical record implementation.

The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute website,, includes various services to deliver biodiversity data and supporting information.

The Alberta Cooperative Conservation Research Unit website includes a booking service for field research equipment and vehicles.

The Women and Children's Health Research Institute website includes a booking service for field research equipment and vehicles.

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Publication support

EMRs in Practice. 2013. Physician Office System Program.

The Physician Office System Program (POSP) enables physicians to adopt and use electronic medical records (EMRs). POSP provides funding, information technology and change management services to help physicians automate their practices.

The Status of Biodiversity in Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries’ Forest Management Agreement Area: Supplementary Report. 2009.

The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute manages a world-class monitoring program and provides all data freely to the public.

Voices on the Edge. 2006. Rosemary E. Ommer, with Carrie L. Holcapek, Robin J. Hood and the Coasts Under Stress Research Project Team.

Voices on the Edge shares the images and voices of coastal communities in British Columbia and Newfoundland and Labrador (University of Victoria and Memorial University; funded by NSERC and SSHRC).

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Other communications

Department of Pediatrics 2008 Annual Retreat and Gala Overview: Pediatrics World Cafe.

Various publications for internal audiences, including annual workshop and gala event summaries, faculty profiles and newsletters.

Focus 4 Workshop on the Human Dimensions of Marine Ecosystem Changes: Understanding the linkages through comparative case studies. GLOBEC International Newsletter 12 (1). 2006. p91-94.

GLOBEC International Newsletter 12(1). The Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics project is one of the core projects of The International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP), an interdisciplinary scientific activity established and sponsored by the International Council for Science (ICSU). GLOBEC became part of IGBP in 1995.

Coasts Under Stress. Newsletter June 2005.

Coasts Under Stress Research Project: With 60+ co-investigators from various universities and disciplines, this 5-year, $6.25 million research project investigated the effects of restructuring, on the health of the environment, individuals and the small coastal communities in which they live.

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